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All your coaching and training is done in the comfort of your home or office! 

"The greatest result we've produced since using The 401k Coach Program is marketing and being able to get in touch with most respective clients in the community and in our marketing zone. The second would be systemizing our business and our process of how we service our clients. We've grown our revenues by over 75%. A big part of that is working with the coach to effectively and efficiently grow our practice to what it is today."

- Mark Laughton, CPFA, C(k)P Co-Author of The Quintessential 401(k) The Employer's Guide To Securing Employee Retirement Outcomes 

The Value

We Are Going To Give You Everything You Need To Know In The Following Categories:

1. Opening and Closing Business Strategies and Techniques 2. Solutions for Impacting and Measuring Participant Outcomes and Success 3. Fiduciary Best Practices, Systems and Resources 4. Exponential Prospecting/Marketing 5. How to Break Out of the Commoditization Trap 6. Game Changing Strategies to Dominate Your Marketplace 7. Capturing 10X Ancillary Business Opportunities 8. Scaling Your Business 9. Hiring and Retaining Top Talent 10. Live Event Footage 

What's Included:

  •  Access to the Exclusive Advanced Accelerator Club Membership Portal (1 Year) 
  •  New Video Training and Resources Added Throughout the Yea
  •  24/7 Open Discussion and Q&A Forum with Club Members  
  •  Monthly Group Coaching Calls  
  •  Webinars, Case Studies, Downloadable Resource Material, and A LOT of video

Just Some Of The Topics We Will Cover:

• How to prep for the big first meeting • How to conduct an extraordinary first meeting • What are “industry disruptors” you can use to “un-nerve” a complacent plan sponsor fiduciary? • How to secure the second meeting • How to prepare and win the finalist presentation • How to conduct an RFP • Why you need the 6-Step Process to increase your fees, and scale your business • Why a “service-plan” can win more business and how to use one effectively and efficiently • How to get paid “Up-Front” for your value • How to do more consultative work for a fee • The Coach-Way to increasing your fees • How to reverse engineer plan fees • How to get the Plan Sponsor to pay a greater percentage of plan fees • How to get the Plan Sponsor to pay 100% of your advisory fee and the record keeper fee • How to ask for and get the BOR (Broker of Record Letter) • How to shift from “assets under management,” to “assets under advisement” • How to run a Trustee Due-Diligence meeting • Best Practices for Educating Plan Fiduciaries • Bold Plan Design • How to “Bullet-Proof” Plan Fiduciaries • How to “Audit -Proof” a 401(k) Plan • How to position the Indemnification Agreement to create advocacy with the HR Director and CFO • What a “Top Advisors” Service Agreement and Fee Schedule looks like • How to work with your compliance department to get all that you need and want to brand, market and grow your business, faster, easier and bigger • How to work with 3(16) Service Providers to reduce HR stress, and frustrations • How to lead successful webinars to sell more business...all in the comfort of your office • How to lead and deliver successful seminars • How to get record-keeper and DCIO Partners to sponsor your seminars and invite their lists • How to create profitable strategic alliances and partnerships with other professionals and business groups- both inside and out of our business • Express Elevator Relationships • What type of solicitors agreements you need to compensate non-licensed vendors • My Sub Advised and Solicitor Agreements for creating successful revenue sharing arrangements • How to do joint affiliate marketing and seminars with other professionals • How Top Sales Superstars generate 10X more referrals • How to use video and blogging to create top-of-mind awareness in your marketplace • How to become the Authority, Expert and Celebrity in your market • What Authority Marketing is • How to work with a PR Firm • How to get free PR and Media • How to get on National TV • How to create successful education meetings that increase participant deferrals • My 9 Paycheck for Life Principles and how to use them to increase employee success and outcomes • Best practices, tools and resources for measuring employee success • Why my Million Dollar Rollover Blueprint will create 10x Ancillary business and rollover opportunities • How to do More in Less time • Love to Do/Hate to Do Exercise for Hiring Top Talent  

 Plus So Much More!  

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(3 payment plan option available) 

Looking for Even More Value? Join Our Platinum Club! 

Get Everything Included in The Advanced Accelerator Club PLUS One-on-One Live Personal Coaching with The 401k Coach! (6 hours split how you want) 

We'll focus on the specific areas in your practice and business that you need the most support in to facilitate a major breakthrough. Together, we will lay out a personal success plan for the next 12 months and work together to implement and execute the best strategies to create the greatest results!  

"I will lead you beyond the possiblilities you can see or do on your own." - Charlie Epstein, The 401k Coach  

"One of the things that I really enjoy is the conversations that Charlie and I have. It's almost like when the two of us get together, he'll throw out an idea and I'll start building on it. Then he starts building on it. The next thing you know, we've got a great conversation going and I find myself taking as many notes as I can when we're sitting there having a conversation. 

One of the things I think is the difference between me and Charlie is, he thinks so much bigger than I do. I love the fact that he challenges me on that. We'll start this conversation and I think I'm thinking big. The next thing you know, by the end of the conversation I'm going, "Man. I didn't even think of it like that. Why didn't I think that big?". That's probably been one of the best things that I've gotten out of the program, is just the conversations that Charlie and I have."

- Jonathan Schultheiss, CRPS, AIF, PPC Author of disTRACKted The Secret to Getting America's Retirement Plans Back on Track 

Our Platinum Club has re-opened for 20 new members!

Join today for an annual fee of $4,750!

(3 payment plan option available) 

Meet The Coach

Charles D. Epstein, CLU, ChFC, AIF® The 401k Coach®  

Charlie has 38 years of professional experience in the financial services industry. As the principal of Epstein Financial Group, LLC and Epstein Financial Services, a Registered Investment Advisory firm, he continually provides corporate retirement plan consulting, as well as wealth management and comprehensive financial planning services to business owners, professionals and individual plan participants.  

Charlie established The 401k Coach® Program fifteen years ago offering support to other advisors on how to effectively manage their roles and responsibilities in this ever-changing industry and provide training to develop the skills, systems and processes necessary to excel in the 401(k) industry.  

Charlie’s first book; Paychecks for Life: How to Turn Your 401(k) into a Paycheck Manufacturing Company is solely focused on teaching Americans how to maximize the 401(k) savings strategy with a practical and systematic approach, without getting lost in all the technical jargon, giving participants a chance to adequately save for a successful retirement.  

Charlie’s second book; Save America, Save! The Secrets of a Successful Retirement Plan, released in 2014, is written for the plan sponsor, trustees and fiduciaries of retirement plans. The book is a roadmap for making effective improvements to the company-sponsored 401(k) for both the plan sponsor and plan participants. The book is also the source for Charlie’s Accelerator Author System, where other financial advisors customize the manuscript and benefit from the Ultimate Unfair Advantage of being an author.  

Charlie’s multi‐dimensional business practices and considerable knowledge provide him with a unique perspective on the challenges that face the retirement plan industry; from individual financial advisors to the financial institutions manufacturing retirement products, as well as the many challenges facing plan sponsors and plan participants in achieving successful retirement plan outcomes.  

These accomplishments have gained Charlie recognition as one of the Most Influential People in the Retirement Industry and as a Top Influential Retirement Plan Advisor in the U.S. by 401kWire.  

Charlie Epstein

"The Coach Program made me realize that I needed to develop better processes internally. It has helped us through getting prospects to take the next step when we show them that we do have a defined process. The biggest benefit that I've gotten from Charlie is learning how to really put on an effective, meaningful and impactful educational meeting. That has been the most rewarding part of it for me because I know I am making a difference with my participants."

- Robert Bove Author of Beyond Wealth The Servant Leader's Guide To 401(K) Plan Design 

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